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Treatment of Pain and Injury

Outcome & Case Data - Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment



Harakal JH
The osteopathically integrated approach to the whiplash complex
Year Book of Selected Osteopathic Papers (American Academy of Osteopathy) 1975;NA(NA):59-74

OMT is a unique and effective treatment for inertial injuries (so-called whiplash). These total body injuries alter the anatomic and physiologic balance of the body and respond well to immediate treatment. 



Zanakis M , Bosak A , Scandalis T , Fazzini E , Dowling D , Muller B , and Hallas B
The efficacy of OMT on spasmotic torticollis as determined by improvements in volitional movement.  JAOA: The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association 1993 Sep;93(9):950

Pilot study assessed whether OMT was effective in alleviating some of the movement disorders in patients with spasmotic torticollis (ST). Treatment twice weekly for 4 weeks showed an increase in overall balance performance as well as reaction time (RT) and movement time (MT) of the arms and hands. The most dramatic changes occurred in head/neck RT and MT, indicating large improvements. These quantitative measurements indicate that OMT is effective in alleviating some of the dystonias associated with ST.

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